Who We Are


NanoValent Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NanoValent/NVP) is a privately-held company with headquarters in Bozeman (MT) collaborating with Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA) as well as other US academic partners to develop novel therapeutic options with enhanced target and delivery characteristics. NanoValent possesses a highly experienced core management team with a proven track record of success, supported by a strong clinical and operational support group.


NVP has so far developed three HPLN (Hybrid Polymerized Liposomal Nanoparticle) based TNS (Targeted Nanosphere) candidates in oncology: NV101(Doxorubicin-anti-CD99), NV102 (Doxorubicin-anti-CD19) and our lead NV103(Irinotecan-anti-CD99).

NV103 is now approaching IND status and being validated in CD99 expressing tumors such as Glioblastoma, Pancreatic, Ovarian and Ewing Sarcoma. Other validating programs with NV101 (in Ewing Sarcoma and CD99 expressing tumors) and NV102 in acute myeloid leukemia (AML) and acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) are also scheduled.

In addition NVP has developed a  modified HPLN structure specifically designed for optimising nucleic acid based therapy delivery. Also, with Boston University, NV201, a fibrin targeted, PSM (Polymerized Shell Microbubble) ultrasound activated microsphere (TMS) shows early promise in diagnosing and treating surgical adhesions.

Overall, our technology promises to enables significant enhancement of the performance of therapeutic agents. For example, NV102 increases tumor-killing efficacy 10-12 fold in vitro, compared to untargeted HPLN loaded with Doxorubicin and almost 40 fold versus conventional Doxorubicin. With NV101 the enhancement seen was even greater, 40 fold versus commercially available Doxo-liposomes and 80 fold versus Doxorubicin. However having seen even greater and broader power and control in NV103 versus already approved benchmark products, we decided to make this our leading candidate. Once we achieve clinical validation in NV103 we believe NanoValent will rapidly progress as a company able to apply our IP to various other challenges, both in adult oncology and beyond.


Jon Nagy, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer and President

Dr. Nagy is co-founder of NanoValent and received his PhD in synthetic organic chemistry from Iowa State University in 1983, and completed doctoral training at UC Berkeley. In 1990, Dr. Nagy joined Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory where he generated many key patents and scientific publications, including a paper in Science related to polymer films and nanoparticles. In 1999, Dr. Nagy joined LigoCyte Pharmaceuticals as Director of Chemistry and Nanoparticle research. He is now a full time member of NanoValent.

Timothy Triche MD, PhD

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Triche is co-founder of NanoValent and is board certified in pathology and Co-Director for the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA) Center for Personalized Medicine as well as a tenured faculty member at the University of Southern California. His expertise centers on the field of tumor cell biology. Dr. Triche has been a principle and founder in several publicly traded companies.

Mark Lewis

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Lewis has extensive international experience in the pharmaceutical industry; both as an executive with companies including Amersham International (now part of GE), Farmitalia (now Pfizer), Chiron (now Novartis), Groupe Servier, Ascalon and SuperGen (now Otsuka) in various senior commercial and operational roles and as a management and project consultant (including Quintiles, Hill & Knowlton) for a broad spectrum of pharmaceutical and biotechnology clients. With an honors degree in biochemistry and secondary business qualifications, Mr. Lewis has broad skills in strategic marketing, project management, business development, medical affairs and operations management gained in several therapeutic areas but primarily oncology.

Clinical & Operational Collaborators

We can disclose this on request.

Advisory Board

In development.

Company Financing

NanoValent has progressed so far thanks to various NIH, NCI and NSF grants for oncology, surgical, imaging and vaccine projects, founder investment and its first external seed investment during 2017. NanoValent is now seeking further external private investment to enable pre-IND activities and then once an IND is achieved will seek further funding to enable the full clinical POC (proof of concept) phase.

Intellectual Property

NanoValent has a strong and extensive IP asset portfolio, covering its various development activities. We would be pleased to share this on request.

Company News

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NanoValent presents extensive new data with NV103 in CD99-expressing tumor models at AACR (Orlando), April 17,2023

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